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Review Cinema 4D R14 Cookbook, Second Edition [English]

Review Cinema 4D R14 Cookbook, Second Edition [English]

Hi, guys
R14 Cookboo

One month ago I was asked to review another Cinema 4D book “Cinema 4D R14 Cookbook, Second Edition”, just one month after it was released.

The request came in the same time as Cinema 4D R15 release, so I thought this book was for R15. Unfortunately this book is for R14.

Anyway, without a second thought I agreed to review the book. It took me about one month to do the review because at the same time I was busy finishing the PowerPoint 2013 tutorial.

It’s time for the review.

The first book is about using R13 while the second book is about using R14. In general, ‘second edition’ means revisions and additions. That’s why I will be focusing on the revisions and additions only.




Chapter 2: Super Modeling

On “Chapter 2: Super Modeling” there are two new sub chapters:  Getting to grips with sculpting and Sculpting a head.

Here, only briefly discussed on how to sculpting in Cinema 4D, that only available on R14 and above.

I have already done it.  Here is the result:



I recorded the video and uploaded it to Vimeo.



Just render Head sclupting from Tutorial-Cinema4D.com on Vimeo.


Short Tutorial on Vimeo

Tutorial Pendek Sclupting Head di Cinema 4D from Tutorial-Cinema4D.com on Vimeo.

Chapter 4: Cameras are Rolling

The next one is about Camera.
On “Chapter 4: Cameras are Rolling” there are 5 sub chapters. Camera calibration, Using the Motion Camera tag, Simulating a chase scene, Getting to grips with the Camera Morph tag and Complex camera moving with the Multi Morph tag.
There are some new Camera features on R14. You can find them here.


Chapter 11 : Thinking about Particles

This is a brand new Chapter, not available on the previous book. This is “Thinking about Particles”. I’m not going to discussing it right now, maybe next time, because I’m not interested in Particles.
This is one of the special effects. Rain, with water splashed on the ground.


Deleted Chapters

Chapter 5,  Creating a light Studio is missing.

100 pages less than the first edition

Although there are some new Chapters and sub Chapters, the new book has less pages.
The first book has 491 pages, while the second book has 395 pages. So it is approximately 100 pages less in the second book.

Suggestions for improvements:

The release of this book is kind of late. People are always interested on new software. R15 has already been released, but this new book is about R14. I know R14 is only about one year old and I know this book is not out of date yet. My suggestion is to release a new book about R15 soon.

That all my review. Thank you for reading.
Thanks you www.Packpub.com and Poonam Gupta (Marketing Research Executive) for trusting me to review the book. My apologies for the delay in reviewing the book.


Visit here for more information about the book.

None found.

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